Welcome to the Palmers Green Community Festival 

Our free annual community event for the whole family.

This year will be our 12th and that wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of exhibitors, attraction providers and of course the thousands of people who come along to help us celebrate and unite our community.

And let’s not forget our long-time sponsor Winkworth Estate Agents, The Palmers Greenery Community Café who are supporting us with the purchase of some safety equipment and of course, our team of volunteers.

This is an outdoor event so please make a note of associated risks following the link or scrolling to the bottom of the page.


Stall registration for Festival 2019 is now closed

With over 100 stalls registered to take part, Festival 2019 should be a ”don’t miss” in your calendars!

Helping the community

The Festival always tries to assist our community. Livia Marin, a student at The Latymer School, wastargeting a competitive film course after her A Levels. The Festival was pleased to offer her the chance to capture a flavour of 2018 as she built her course supporting CV. We’re delighted to say Livia was successful and has secured one of a very small number of highly sought after film school places and will start in autumn 2019.

Here is what happened in 2018…


Community supporting the festival

One example of the incredible – free support from so many which helps the Palmers Green Festival.

In 2018 we were privileged to secure photographer Sam McElwee to help build our stock of photographs. This was only days before the public announcement that he was a winner in the Portrait of Britain awards. You can see some of Sam’s photographs from 2018 under our own Gallery tab, along with others from earlier years by other guest photographers.


Since then Sam has gone on to even greater things but  once again there can be no announcement of just what that is until after festival. All we can say is what is already public, so for now keep an eye here https://www.becomingx.org/  and in September, and beyond, remember who had the camera. Expect to be amazed.

How to find us:


Festival is a free event taking place in a public park; all are welcome. Please follow a duty of care to yourself and any others under your supervisor at all times.

It is an outdoor event and you are asked to dress for and prepare for weather.

In the event of a severe weather warning the organisers may deem it appropriate to cancel the event. Please check back here if you think that is a possibility.

In the event of severe weather occurring during the event it may be decided to temporarily, or permanently, stop the event. This would be for safety reasons and you are asked to immediately follow the instructions of stewards in such a scenario.

Lightening is a particular risk in an open space. Because of this if the situation demands the organisers will decide to stop the event and seek an immediate evacuation from the park so visitors can find suitable shelter.  Being inside a car with windows closed is deemed to be safe, as are solid building structures (cafes and the like).

If you are caught in lightening the following recommendations have been identified and are passed on:

·         Generally be aware of metal objects that can conduct or attract lightning, including umbrellas, bicycles, wire fencing and rails. 

·         Avoid water and find a low-lying open place that is a safe distance from trees, poles or metal objects. Water will transmit strikes from further away and lightning likes to strike high objects.

·         Do not use electronic devices such as radios attached to external antennae or touch metal framing or fencing during a lightning storm.

·         If you find yourself in an exposed location squat close to the ground, with hands on knees and with head tucked between them. Try to touch as little of the ground with your body as possible, do not lie down on the ground.

·         If you feel your hair stand on end, drop to the above position immediately.