Welcome to the 2019 festival


We recognise the important role that stallholders play in the success of the Festival and we value their input. 

We always aim to keep the cost of plots as low as possible as well as to keep the festival free of any entry charge.

We have now plotted everyone and below you can find your zone, plot, which gate to use and where you can park your car.

It is important that you follow any instructions contained in our recent emails as well as from our volunteers on the day.

If you try to enter the park through the wrong gate, you will be directed to the correct gate.

Remember, the festival is hosted in a public park and we ask you are considerate of members of the public. Please limit vehicle speed to a "walking speed limit" with headlights and indicators on. 



The time has come for us to start thinking about where we are going to put over 100 stalls and activities. We like to be as carful as we can when plotting the stalls, so there are no clashes.

We will let you know via email on Friday 31st August which gate you will need to use to get to your plot. This information will also be available on our website. 

Please check our website “on the day Info” page from Friday 31st August for information about which zone you are in, your plot number and most importantly which gate you need to use if you enter the park in a vehicle.


On the day info:

Setting up:

Only one vehicle per plot will be permitted to enter the park, unless agreed with us. 

It is important that you enter the park via the correct gate – headlights and indicators on and travelling at no more than walking speed / 5mph.

You can enter the park from 8am onwards. (NB entry / exit gates close at 11.30am and will only reopen at 7pm) 

Pitch sizes are 4m x 4m unless otherwise stated during the registration process. 

When you find your plot, you must unload your car quickly and then park your car. You can then return to your plot and set up. You will be directed to parking by our volunteer stewards. 

Stallholders should clearly exhibit their business or organisation name where applicable plus address and other contact details on their stall at all times during the festival.

Other requirements will apply to specific types of stall, eg food ingredients and intolerances – see the T&C’s included as part of the booking process


Closing down:

You can only move your car to your plot at 7pm when the festival is closed.

We only have just over an hour of daylight to exit the park, so please pack away and exit swiftly 

You are responsible for ensuring that no litter or waste is left within your allocated area as well as generally around your stall/plot



No rubbish or waste can be left in the park

Stallholders leaving litter, or who are responsible for littering, and who wish to show at Festival next year will be surcharged at that time at a rate determined by the Festival Committee without negotiation. This will be in addition to any waste disposal fines imposed by the London Borough of Enfield (see T&C’s)

You are required to provide suitable means of rubbish disposal at the Festival for people using your stall.

Food stalls should sell their food using the minimum possible amount of packaging



We only use gates 1 and 4 for cars/vans



If you do not see your stall listed below please email admin@palmersgreenfestival.org.uk

All FOOD stalls must display their address and contact number and their food rating

All FOOD stalls must provide rubbish bins





We have kept the costs as low as possible we have increased prices by only £5.00 since 2015

If you attended last year we offer a £5.00 discount

We use the categories to position stalls on the day

T&C for 2018.png