Get Active – the Broomfield Burn

There have been so many ideas promoted over the last few years to help with the UK’s inactivity crisis, eg walk to the shops, get off the train or bus a stop or two early, walk up stairs rather than take a lift, dance, cycle rather than drive and many more. You could also swim, join a gym, walking group and others. But they’ll all fail without one thing: Your own commitment to Get Active

So take festival as the trigger and commit now to start small and build from there as your strength grows (as it will). Your choice is huge. Just within festival’s host park you can find:

·       A green gym

·       Tennis courts

·       A basketball court

·       Netball courts

·       Outdoor fitness sessions

·       A walking group

·       Dog walking

·       Virtual dog walking (pick up your virtual pooch at any park gate)

·       Or join the Friends group and help dig, plant and lift.


The Broomfield Burn

For more ideas we’ve focused on the host park and in commemoration of the many fires which have changed its looks over the years we’ve collectively called them the Broomfield Burn - so make sure you do the Broomfield Burn. Any of these count as a Broomfield Burn, so find your own and commit to it.

A.      Walk or run around the outside – it’s about one mile

B.       Use the steps overlooking the old running track / football field to walk or run up or down. Start with a set number of up / downs and increase it by one (or two) more each visit.

C.       Walk to the large west field, stand with your back to Broomfield House and see the magnificent lines of lime trees stretching uphill in front of you.  Choose one of the four rows. Run to the first tree. Walk back to the start. Run to the second. Walk back to the start. Run to the third. Walk back to the start. And so on. Start low and try to increase by one tree a week or each time you visit.

D.      Double up on the lime tree challenge and drop the right number of press ups each time you reach a tree- two press ups at the second tree, three press ups at the third tree and so on

And there will be lots more ideas so why not tell us – email or use social media and we’ll try and include the best on this site for others to try.